Hello, dear friends of the opuntias!

Welcome on my homepage where I want to introduce You to my collection.  
At the moment, you dont can see my Gallery in your lenguage.

If you want to see them, please click on the german button.

As this page is updated constantly, I would be happy if You would leave Your opinions or inspirations in my guestbook.

I would also be very pleased if You would inform me about mistakes or would give me proposal for improvement.
First of all I want to bring You nearer to this group of cacti.

In the category „gallery“ I want to introduce You to my collection that is supplemented permanentely.


my new, dignified shop-name!

If You have questions or problems, need informations or are interested in different plants, You can sign up in the „forum“.

The forum is a kind of flipchart for everything and enables other cacti friends to take a stand to problems or plant offers.

If You got appetite on this cacti group, You have the possibility to order my book online (written by myself about this special cacti group). For details click on “the book”.

Criticism and compliments can be written in the guestbook and contrary to other people I tolerate criticism because in the end I only can learn from it.....

I hope You have fun rummaging on my homepage and I expect Your reactions.


Let me entertain You.........

!! Important !!! If you found any spelling mistakes ore other errors...please let me know, thanks´so much for your help!!


Michael Kießling  


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